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About these lists

These lists could not have been created without the work of Chris Quenelle and Stephen D'Angelo. I built off their work, which saved me a lot of typing and let me concentrate on proof-reading.

I've compiled the list into a pipe-separated ASCII database, which is very convenient for computers, but not so much for us humans. So I use Perl scripts to process this into more readable forms. Currently, I output into three formats: ASCII, Postscript, and PDF.

The ASCII versions are quite universally readable. I'm not sure how universally readable the Postscript version is, however. It looks great on my system (if I do say so myself) but I'm a mathematician and all my systems have TeX installed on them. I don't know how this looks on other systems. I'm worried, for example, that my use of TeX's standard Computer Modern font will pose a problem for the non-mathematicians out there. The PDF version should also be readable for any computer with the free Acrobat Reader. It's the same as the Postscript version, except that it's typeset in Times instead of Computer Modern for technical reasons. I'd rather it be in Computer Modern. If you can help out with this, please let me know!

It's my intention that these lists be widely available, so if it looks bad on your system, let me know. I'm just now starting to learn about the process of multi-platform electronic publishing. I'd like to get this into PDF format, as well. If you know anything about the LaTeX to PDF journey, please let me know.

For more information

In case you were interested, or you had some project you wanted to do with these lists, see my "Creating cards lists" page.

Recent updates

The Postscript list was added 1997 Oct 21. If you looked at this page before, you may have noticed for a long time I said I'd get a Postscript version up. Well, now I have. The PDF version was added 1997 Oct 23.

Minor corrections were last done 1997 Dec 13.

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